White Collar Grime – prologue 


Subject: FW: Quarterly Interdepartmental Review SessionSender: h.chalming@corp.unt.grp
Sent: Friday, 20.20.20, 21:14
To: b.mugg@corp.unt.grp

I can’t attend the QIRS so you will have to attend as the representative for our management area. This is a crucial meeting with a lot riding on it, so you had better not do anything stupid. It’s all our jobs in the balance, not just yours, so keep quiet and don’t embarrass us. You’re one misstep away from selling your organs on the processing line. BE CAREFUL.

Cordial regards,

Hedwich Chalming
Head of Bilateral Services – Corp
Ext: 6657
Email: h.chalming@corp.unt.grp

Forwarded message:

Meeting invitation: Quarterly Interdepartmental Review Session
Date/Time: Monday 21.20.20, 09:00
Location: Meeting room 280, Block AB
Sender: p.plack@division.unt.grp
Sent: Wednesday, 14.29.20, 05:00
To: h.chalming@corp.unt.grp

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Subject: Blocked toilets on floors 3, 4, & 5
Sender: facilities@corp.unt.grp
Sent: Friday, 20.20.20, 15:35
To: _BlockAC

Please do not use the bathrooms on floors 3, 4, and 5 – they are all blocked. A decontamination unit has been requested. Please do not send us any more messages about this – we are fully aware of the issues.

On a related topic, the HR department have asked me to also request that you avoid the staff lounge on floor no.4 as this is also being decontaminated, and please do not consume any food stuffs which have been stored in this location.

Cordial regards,

Facilities – Corp
Ext: 1122
Email: facilities@corp.unt.grp

Subject: NON detainment statistics
Sender: HR@corp.unt.grp
Sent: Friday, 20.20.20, 14:01
To: _AllStaff
Attached: NONdetainmentreport20.20.cel

Please find attached the NON detainment report for the previous month. It’s been a successful month on the whole, with a 6% reduction in detainments, but searches for illicit items have increased across all areas. Let’s be careful to keep up with the latest illegalities report from NON and try to keep their workload down!


The HR Team – Corp
Ext: 1111
Email: HR@corp.unt.grp

Subject: ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!
Sender: f.pluggle@corp.unt.grp
Sent: Friday, 20.20.20, 12:37
To: _BlockAC

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!

I’ve managed to live for another year so it’s time to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I’m a bit crazy and random I’ve done birthday fajitas with homemade guacamole and salsa instead of boring old cakes!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!

Come and grab a bite from the staff lounge of floor 4!!!!!!!!!



Francine Pluggle
Integration Assistant – Corp
Ext: 7654
Email: f.pluggle@corp.unt.grp

Subject: LOL pad activation
Sender: businesssystems@corp.unt.grp
Sent: Thursday, 19.20.20, 18:10
To: b.mugg@corp.unt.grp
Attached: LOLpadUserGuidev2.3.dooc

Please find attached your LOLpad user guide. If you have any issues with activating your pad, send a request to Circus via the helpdesk. Circus will then raise a ticket for you with business systems, and will inform you of your priority status. If your ticket is not validated with Priory, please refer to the helpdesk FAQ on the intraboard. Please do not contact business systems if Circus has not engaged a PAF.

Business Systems – Corp
Ext: 1010
Email: businesssystems@corp.unt.grp

Subject: (none)
Sender: h.chalming@corp.unt.grp
Sent: Thursday, 18.20.20, 11:58
To: b.mugg@corp.unt.grp
Attached: RevisedCorpVariables-draft3.dooc

Let’s cut to the chase – I needed someone to replace Ernest Malvo and you were the least horrific candidate. You have scraped your way into this job, and you are starting with your fingers grasping hold of the window frame as you struggle to avoid plummeting to your death.

With that said, this your chance to impress me. I need the Corp variables redrafted and proofed by Thursday. Ernest was working on this before he got bagged by NON. Get it done and we’ll see where we go from there.

Cordial regards,
Hedwich Chalming
Head of Bilateral Services – Corp
Ext: 6657
Email: h.chalming@corp.unt.grp

Subject: Welcome to Corp!
Sender: HR@corp.unt.grp
Sent: Thursday, 18.20.20, 09:03
To: b.mugg@corp.unt.grp
Attached: CorpEmployeeGuide.dooc

Welcome [insert name]!

We know you will settle in well with the [insert name] team and will quickly become a productive Corp employee.

You will find the employee guide attached to this message. Please read and return a signed copy to the HR team. Failure to complete this task within one week of your start date will have a negative impact upon your employee ranking.


The HR Team – Corp
Ext: 1111
Email: HR@corp.unt.grp

How will Billfred Mugg cope in the QIRS meeting? Will he keep his job? You decide!

WHITE COLLAR GRIME begins soon – visit my Facebook page and make your choice to shape the story!


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