About me


I’m a Christian who enjoys all manner of geeky interests, and has a passion for writing stories.

I’m married to Lauren who is a teacher. We have a daughter called Amelie, and we have a dog called Molly who is a nuisance.

I also enjoy playing electric guitar, specifically a Fender American Stratocaster (the rare 2006 model with splittable humbuckers), youth work, movie marathons, videogames, and boardgames.

Here’s a link to my old blog, The Musings of Samuelj.

Three interesting facts about me:

  1. I got lost on a mountain in Switzerland as a child and was rescued by a Switz family who let me sledge down with them and gave me hot chocolate and Toblerone.
  2. I watched Star Wars so many times in my youth that I used to be able to quote the film word for word. Family meal times were a prime opportunity to demonstrate this skill.
  3. I can’t whistle. (Edit: I actually can whistle now. I couldn’t for 29 years.)

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