Sam’s Movie Marathon 2014!


IMG_1688.JPGIt’s become an annual tradition that around the time of my birthday my friends and I complete another movie marathon. So far, we have watched: all six Star Wars movies, the extended Lord of the Rings movies, and the Christopher Nolan Batman movies.

This year, we will be viewing the Matt Damon ‘Bourne’ movies in one sitting. Not the most extensive session, as they all clock in at around two hours running time (six hours total), but they’re great movies so who cares?

The plan is to watch the movies on Saturday 13th December. You can join the marathon virtually if you like, and keep in touch with some live tweeting. Here’s the intended viewing schedule (UK time):

2.30pm – The Bourne Identity
5.00pm – The Bourne Supremacy
7.30pm – The Bourne Ultimatum

I’ll need suggestions for next years marathon – post your ideas in the comments below!

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