Work in progress


This is a quick post to share an update on my current work in progress. Since the start of 2019 I’ve been working on establishing writing as a regular habit in my daily life. I had to unlearn a lot of bad habits and change my paradigm (yeah, I know how that sounds). Looking back over the year as it comes to towards its close, I’m really pleased with what I’ve achieved.

My current work in progress is the relaunch of StoryMechs, my fiction writing project where readers vote on how the story should continue. My aim is to run the project via Patreon with a variety of subscription levels and related perks. The focus is on enjoying the writing and sharing the stories, but I’d like to earn a few dollars too!

I’m currently running a playtest with a group of previous Tweet RPG / StoryMechs players, and hope to gain some useful insights from their feedback. I’m considering launching the Patreon page in earnest in Jan 2019, but I’m yet to set that in stone in my plan.

I’m really happy to be writing again, and I’m finding real joy in it. Click here if you’d like to find out more about StoryMechs

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