Same-sex attraction – engaging with the eternal


The subject of same-sex attraction and Christianity isn’t a new one, but the news of singer Vicky Beeching coming out has recently brought it back into the forum of public discussion. A disclaimer before I go any further; I will not be sharing in this post my personal stance as to whether acting on same-sex attraction is a sin according to biblical truth. If you want to find out my view, get in touch with me offline.

The big question that has been going around my head since Vicky Beeching opened up regarding her same-sex attraction hasn’t been what should she do, but rather what should I do?

Whether or not you believe same-sex attraction/relationships are compatible with biblical principles of sin and morality, the most important thing is that people accept God’s offer of salvation. A relationship made possible by the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, who conquered death and paid for our sins.

The big questions: am I a person who can share this message with someone who has identified themselves as anything other than heterosexual on the spectrum of sexual identity i.e. gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, etc? Would a person feel they could be honest and open with me? Do I realise that as a heterosexual male, this subject currently has no major impact on my life, and therefore is something I should approach with a full measure of grace and gentleness?

Christians, I’ll leave you with a question. It’s a question for me too. Will you engage with a person’s eternal condition before you engage with their sexuality identity? Yes, there may be issues to be dealt with, but let’s support people to get their hearts right first. Whether you believe God wants to free someone from same-sex attraction or free them to embrace same-sex attraction, let Jesus worry about changing their perspective and behaviour.

One final thought. When we talk about same-sex attraction and engaging with people who identify as other than heterosexual, bear in mind that people don’t wear badges to let you know their sexuality. Some people might wear it on their sleeves, but others might not be extrovert with it at all. There may be people in your social circle who are struggling with their identity and it could be completely unknown to you. Therefore, make every effort to be a person who can be trusted, who someone can open up to. This person could be a Christian already, and could be terrified of the response they’ll receive if they open up. We need to cultivate environments where people are praised for honesty and surrounded with love and biblical guidance. You never know who could be struggling and how isolated they might feel.